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Cricket Betting Tips to become an expert

How to become an expert on cricket betting?

Do you want to become into an expert in cricket betting? Sounds ambitious, fun88 but is possible when you know exactly when, where and why to bet.

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Therefore, it is important to learn fun88 how to create a good strategy when doing cricket betting if you want to become a master by following our cricket betting tips.

cricket betting

Cricket fanatics often decide to place different bets and wagers with respect to their predictions and knowledge regarding the outcomes that could be obtained in different matches and games. However, if you want to sharpen your abilities, overcome the simple fan role.

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Moreover, cricket betting industry has grown considerably over the course of time and has come to establish itself as one of the main means of livelihood in cricket.

Some punters who know how to bet, and who have a clear picture of the dynamics of cricket betting, can become professionally trained in this activity.

If you are also a cricket fan and want to understand a little better what cricket betting all is about, here is a general overview that will clarify some doubts.

However, in order to learn how to bet, each player must take his own risk. It is best not to be guided by any guru or so-called cricket betting expert, but to collect data from various sources and determine to play for a particular outcome that, according to experience, is likely to happen.

What are the dynamics of cricket betting?

First, there must be two parties who make an agreement about something, in this case, about the outcome of a particular match of any sport.

Once that agreement is solidified, you must know what outcome you want and the bookmaker or the other party will provide you with the available options.

Generally, bookmakers provide payout averages and estimates several days before a match, so you can get a feel for the trends of the other players. These betting percentages are determined based on how much they might pay you if the outcome is as you predicted.

To understand this better, you can take as an example a soccer match in which there are two teams A and B. On the one hand, you can bet on the victory of team A which pays 1.5 points. On the other hand, you can bet on the victory of team B which pays 3 points.

And, finally, they can bet on a draw, which pays 3.5 points.

Having these numbers means that, if team A wins, you would get your money back with 50% more profit. Assuming you bet 10 dollars, you would get 15 dollars in total. In case team B wins and you bet on their victory, you would get 200% more, i.e. for 10 dollars, you would receive 30 dollars.

These winnings are given only if the outcome is as you predicted. If the result is the opposite, you will lose your money and you will not be able to collect anything.

What outcome to bet on

As you can see, having a clear idea of what to bet on is fundamental to be able to play in the right way. This is only achieved by knowing the sport and observing the trends of recent matches, as well as the certain factors that could tilt the outcome in favor of one team or another.

Tough, there is always an aspect left to chance that will be impossible to determine and, even if we are very clear about what to bet on, we could end up losing our money.

Therefore, they also depend a lot on their luck and intuition, which could lead them to take an irrational bet, but ultimately make money on it.

Cricket betting, is it a science?

No, it would be impossible to determine with empirical and real data what to bet on. So, anyone who claims that is lying or cheating.

As we have already mentioned, only the person who makes the bets should be responsible for the results he/she obtains, both profits and losses.

If you want to get started in the complex world of betting, the main advice we give you is to do it in a sport you know very well. Knowledge can be a great help to your luck and will largely determine how successful you are in your predictions.

The three-phases cricket betting strategy

The objective of this strategy is none other than to place 10 consecutive bets at an approximate odd of 1.44 each. If we achieve this, we will multiply our initial investment by ten.

However, it goes without saying that this is not an easy task, so this is where the different phases come into play.

Three phases with an initial investment of $. 25

The key is to use compound interest in a staggered manner to mitigate risks and try to optimize profits.

First phase

This is where we will have the risk. If we miss the first or the second, we will lose the initial investment. If we hit the first one, we will invest again the investment plus the profit in the second bet.

If we succeed in the second operation, we will complete the first phase. From then on, we will go without risk.

Why? Very simple. In the third bet we will start again with the same amount we started with in bet number 1. In the previous example, we started with $25. From there we go to $36 after winning the first one and to $51.84 after winning the second one. We start with $25 and at that moment we have $51,84.

Second phase

From that $51.84 obtained in the first phase (or the equivalent of the investment you make) we will use only $25 in the third bet, leaving our initial $25 and a small profit of $1.84 aside.

For the next four bets, we will follow the same methodology. If we are successful, we reinvest the winnings plus the investment.

Three phases

This second phase is longer, with four bets. However, remember that if you fail in the second phase, you will not lose. In the previous example, we would go from $25 to $36 in case of success in the four bets of the second phase, from there to $51.84 and from there to $74.65.

In the sixth bet we would invest those $74.65 and if we succeed, we will complete the second phase. With this strategy we only risk on the first two bets. From the third, we go without risk.

If we win the sixth bet, we will have a total net profit of approximately $109. We would have gone from an initial $25 to around $134. Although it is time to go for the third phase (if you want to, of course).

Third phase

Repeating the process of the beginning of the second phase, we will leave part of the profits aside. In this case, we will start with double the initial investment.

In case of failing any of the last four bets, we would already have in our pocket approximately 2.4 times the original amount invested of net profit.

We not only go without risk, but also with a good pinch. From there, a last attempt at four more bets where we will follow the same methodology. We start and if we guess correctly, we reinvest the invested amount plus the profit.

If you manage to hit the tenth and last bet, you will have multiplied your initial investment almost 11 times. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Why do it this way?

First, for a very simple reason: discipline. By having a "path" to follow, your mind will force itself to be disciplined, always knowing the risk you are taking, how much you should bet and how you should do it.

In the same way, having only "one bullet", your mind will do its best to study the forecasts until it finds one that really convinces you, leaving aside the typical picks that we all make when we start. We go from betting on everything that moves to selecting much better.

Finally, we use compound interest in a much more staggered way than a mere combined bet. In a combination bet, what you are really doing is using compound interest.

What you would have earned on one bet you reinvest in the next and so on until the combination is fulfilled. However, here we do it step by step, hedging the risk in a smarter way.

Although it may sound that everything is wonderful, it goes without saying that there will be more than one occasion in which you will fail one of the first two bets, so do not go all in when practicing this strategy.

If you are into cricket betting, you can sharpen your abilities playing online at Fun88! Remember that practice makes the master, even when talking about online cricket streaminglive cricket and online cricket betting.

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